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Maturing Assurance Contracts in Model-Based Engineering

This project uses mathematically sound formalisms internally to ensure users make their models analyzable.

Software Engineering Institute


This project proposes to make analysis assumption verification technology transition ready by developing the infrastructure to support analysis assumption verification and correction throughout the modeling process. That is, it will be ready (1) before we run an analysis to verify that the model conforms with the assumptions necessary to run the model successfully, (2) when we use early models with incomplete information to allow it to defer the verification of some assumptions, and (3) when we verify that the implementation matches the model and its assumptions.

More concretely, we will develop a contacts framework that can

  • describe and enforce assumptions of 75% more analyses than known state-of-the-art
  • incrementally refine and enforce assumptions of 75% more analyses than known state-of the art
  • validate the conformance of 70% more assumptions in a system implementation than the known state-of-the art