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Lessons Learned in Human-Artificial Intelligence Teaming in Business Processes


Software Engineering Institute


There are three teams that exist in research, development and deployment of a business process focused Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. These include the customer team, AI team, and User Experience/Interface (UX/I) team. This article presents six (6) lessons team members need to learn and adopt in order to be successful: the problem that needs to be solved is not always obvious; an AI business process automation system still needs people; State of the art and user expectations need to be aligned; Adding AI-automation to a business process is more than data in and data out; be cognizant of shifting workloads; and the AI-automation may have to operate as a silent partner. These lessons are discussed within the context of the research and development of a Human Resource Apprentice to assist the evaluation of resumes against the specialized experience required for the advertised position.