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Keynote: Gaps in Science and Technology Activities for the IT Acquisition of Business Systems

In this presentation, Mr. Seraphin summarizes congressional concerns about gaps in science and technology activities related to the IT acquisition of business systems.

Software Engineering Institute


Congress and others have expressed concern over the Department of Defense’s ability to develop and deploy major IT acquisition programs. This year’s National Defense Authorization Act highlights this issue, noting that gaps include lack of support for business process reengineering, for lowering costs of customization of commercial software, for lowering maintenance costs, for open architectures, for engagement with management schools and small businesses, and for the conversion of legacy software to modern systems. In this talk, Mr. Seraphin will  summarize congressional concerns that such gaps in science and technology activities related to IT acquisition of business systems, if left unaddressed, could severely hamper the DoD’s ability to field a modern and efficient IT enterprise that meets the current and future needs of the Department.

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