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Keeping Your Family Safe in a Highly Connected World

White Paper
In this paper, the authors describe the risks of being victims of theft, including becoming involved unknowingly in illegal activities over a networked device.

Software Engineering Institute


As our world becomes highly connected where endless data is just a click away and using networked devices has become almost a necessity, protecting your personal information and family privacy is of great concern. Because of the anonymity provided by networked devices, our families are more likely to be attacked, be victims of theft, be subjected to inappropriate people or materials, or become involved unknowingly in illegal activities over a networked device than they are in person. Children are even more vulnerable and need greater protection because they are less mature and use some networked devices and online applications more skillfully and comfortably than their parents or guardians.

This document discusses various dangers to be aware of and safeguards to reduce the risk of these dangers. First, multiple concepts dealing with education and awareness are defined so that parents and guardians understand what they or their children may encounter and how to deal with it. Next, technical tools are described that can help parents and guardians limit what children can and cannot do and monitor their activity. Additionally, technical tools are recommended that can mitigate the personal computer threats that endanger both adults and children. Finally, threats and safeguards are discussed that are unique to mobile devices and video game consoles that have been networked to play online.