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Industry Best Practices for Zero Trust Architecture

White Paper
This paper describes best practices identified during the SEI’s Zero Trust Industry Day 2022, and provides ways to help organizations shift to zero trust.

Software Engineering Institute


In this paper, the authors describe some of the ZT best practices identified during the two-day SEI Zero Trust Industry Day 2022 and provide SEI commentary and analysis on ways to empower your organization’s ZT transformation. 

The 2022 event provided a scenario for industry stakeholders to react to and demonstrate how they would tackle practical problems when a federal agency is adopting ZT. As a result, the SEI identified several themes and corresponding best practices presented by these stakeholders that help government organizations plan their ZT journey. Presenters at the event showcased various solutions that could address the many common challenges faced by federal agencies with limited resources and complex network architectures, as described in the scenario.

Their insights should also help all government organizations better understand the perspectives of various vendors and the ZT industry as a whole and how those perspectives fit into overall federal government efforts. We at the SEI are confident that the insights gained from SEI Zero Trust Industry Day 2022 will support organizations as they assess the current vendor landscape and prepare for their ZT transformation.