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Improving Resilience Through Service Mesh Metrics

This talk by David Shepard was presented at DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh 2021.

Software Engineering Institute




David Shepard discusses how to improve resilience through service mesh metrics.

David has made a career working in many different areas of the information technology field. He has spent time building networks, administering servers, designing software, writing and debugging software, working on process improvement initiatives, auditing application security, implementing big data and machine learning systems, and assisting digital forensic investigations. He has worked in corporate, education, and government sectors for large institutions, mid-sized companies, and start-ups, on projects ranging in size from the tens of thousands to the tens of millions of dollars in budget. In his time with the SEI, he has spent significant time working on research, but is an engineer at heart. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from West Virginia University.

Download the graphic recording or watch the video on YouTube.