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Implementing the Software Assurance Curricula

These resources can help promote and implement the Software Assurance Curricula in academic programs or workforce development programs.

Software Engineering Institute



To protect the complex software systems that we depend on for defense, government, energy, communication, transportation, manufacturing, and finance, we need skilled professionals who can build security and correct functionality into software and systems under development. Software assurance education is essential to meet this growing demand for skilled professionals, yet there are few graduate software assurance programs or tracks that focus on developing assured software.

CERT researchers addressed this need by collaborating with a team of educators from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, (ISC)2, Stevens Institute of Technology, Monmouth University, and Union College to develop software assurance curricula.

The curricula include materials for undergraduate and graduate level programs as well as materials for educators. These free materials can be incorporated into existing education programs or be used to develop new courses.

Other resources are also included that can be helpful in promotion and implementing software assurance curricula.

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