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How to Instantiate SCAIFE API Calls: Using SEI SCAIFE Code, the SCAIFE API, Swagger-Editor, and Developing Your Tool with Auto-Generated Code

User's Guide
This technical manual provides techniques to help you start to instantiate SCAIFE API methods to integrate your own tools.

Software Engineering Institute


This technical manual provides techniques that help you efficiently start to instantiate Source Code Analysis Integrated Framework Environment (SCAIFE) API methods to integrate your own tools. As a developer, you can use these techniques to enable your tool (as a server) to receive SCAIFE API calls and your tool (as a client) to make SCAIFE API calls. In both cases, you need to develop some internal SCAIFE-required logic in your tool. The modular SCAIFE system enables the substitution of any of the five types of SCAIFE modules detailed in this manual.

October 2020 Update

This technical manual was updated in October 2020 to match updates to the SCAIFE code that were made shortly before. Refer to the Change Log in the technical manual for a list of changes made.