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Getting More Out of Your Inspection Data: Using Capture-Recapture Models for the Reinspection Decision

This presentation on getting more out of your inspection data through the usage of capture-recapture models was delivered on April 12, 2002 at the European SEPG 2002 Conference.

Software Engineering Institute


Summary and Conclusions:

  • Capture-recapture models estimate remaining defects based on inspection-detected defects.
  • CR models enhance the reinspection decision
    • This can supplement existing reinspection decision criteria or be used standalone for processes with no existing defined reinspection criteria.
  • Decisions based on CR models can be augmented through the use of additional inspection variables.
  • CR-based decision models can be institutionalized as part of the inspection process.
    • Models are a relatively low-cost analysis method when used with an existing inspection data infrastructure.