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Finding Your Way with Software Engineering Buzzwords

In this webcast, Hasan Yasar discusses the new technologies and buzzwords that are required to implement a complete software delivery pipeline.

Software Engineering Institute



As a software engineering community, we have started to hear new sentences, words that help us meet the challenges of determining the shelf life of software engineering technologies and practices. Examples include the following:


DevOps is dead. Long live NoOps.


SecOps, NoCode, SRE, GitOps, and recently Platform Engineering.

We often confuse these terms when trying to define certain software engineering job types. In response, an organization might decide to use one or a combination of these terms to restructure their engineering teams. However, such restructuring can often be cumbersome because many technical professionals are not familiar with the new technologies and buzzwords that are required to implement a complete software delivery pipeline to meet the organization’s business needs.

It is becoming very challenging to find the right way to describe the work we do, including all of the new technologies and practices. We should all “step back” and ask ourselves “What is our why?” Is it to deliver new capabilities in a timely, affordable, and secure way? Let’s discuss how we can solve this “word puzzle” and find our journey.

What Attendees will Learn:

  • How can you align your business objectives with your software engineering practices?
  • What is the science behind DevOps?
  • What is the difference between role and responsibility?
  • How do I get started implementing true DevOps?
  • How do I become agile in overcoming new obstacles?

About the Speaker

Headshot of Hasan Yasar.

Hasan Yasar

Hasan Yasar is the Technical Director of the Continuous Deployment of Capability group in the SSD Division of the Software Engineering Institute, CMU. Hasan leads an engineering group to enable, accelerate, and assure transformation at the speed of relevance by leveraging DevSecOps, Agile, Lean AI/ML, and other emerging technologies to …

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