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Estimating in Agile Acquisition

White Paper
Acquisition & Management Concerns for Agile Use in Government Series - 5

Software Engineering Institute


This booklet is part of a series based on material originally published in a 2011 report titled Agile Methods: Selected DoD Management and Acquisition Concerns (CMU/SEI-2011-TN-002).

The material has been slightly updated and modified for stand-alone publication.

Booklet 1: Agile Development and DoD Acquisitions

Booklet 2: Agile Culture in the DoD

Booklet 3: Management and Contracting Practices for Agile Programs

Booklet 4: Agile Acquisition and Milestone Reviews

Booklet 5: Estimating in Agile Acquisition

Booklet 6: Adopting Agile in DoD IT Acquisitions