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Developing and Using a Software Bill of Materials Framework

Carol Woody and Michael Bandor discuss a Software Bill of Materials framework to help organizations establish a comprehensive set of practices and processes.

Software Engineering Institute

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With the increasing complexity of software systems, the use of third-party components has become a widespread practice. Cyber disruptions, such as SolarWinds and Log4j, demonstrate the harm that can occur when organizations fail to manage third-party components in their software systems. In this SEI podcast, Carol Woody, principal researcher, and Michael Bandor, a senior software engineer, discuss a Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) framework to help promote the use of SBOMs and establish a more comprehensive set of practices and processes that organizations can leverage as they build their programs. They also offer guidance for government agencies who are interested in incorporating SBOMs into their work.

About the Speaker

Headshot of Carol Woody.

Carol Woody

Dr. Carol Woody has been a senior member of the technical staff since 2001. Currently she is the technical manager for the Cyber Security Engineering (CSE) team, whose research focuses on meeting the challenges of cyber security in acquisition, system and software engineering.  CSE is building capabilities in defining, acquiring, …

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