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Data-Driven Approach to IA Evaluation, Design, and Documentation

In this workshop presentation, the author discusses a comprehensive, data-driven approach to evaluating, designing, and documenting useful and usable information architectures for digital products.

Software Engineering Institute


Creating a usable information architecture (IA) is one of the most important but also challenging tasks while designing a successful digital product. In this workshop, participants learned a comprehensive, data-driven approach that helps them design, evaluate, and document information architectures, ensuring they’re useful and usable. Participants got an overview of specific design research methods in each of the five stages of the approach, each illustrated by an example. Participants got a closer look at tree testing, one of the key IA methods.

The entire approach focuses on creating tangible artifacts based on both qualitative and quantitative design research data. When shared, these artifacts lead to further insights and increased buy-in from stakeholders, which is necessary to meet both business and user needs with the new IA.

This workshop was part of the World Information Architecture Day 2018 conference.