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CYBURGH, PA: Using Process to Tame Technology

In this teQ Magazine article, Matt Butkovic discusses the role process plays solving today's cybersecurity challenges.

Pittsburgh Technology Council


At the CYBURGH, PA Initiative event in February 2016, Pittsburgh area participants will discuss cybersecurity issues, solutions to them, and next steps. Cybersecurity challenges are grouped into three categories: those related to people, process, and technology. This article complements the process discussions, which center around the following:

  • Sharing cyber information with our peer organizations
  • Detecting and responding to the cyber incidents we face
  • Selecting and managing vendors in our supply chain
  • Identifying our trustworthy sources of threat intelligence
  • Communicating the value of cybersecurity to our Boards of Directors and other stakeholders
  • Framing cybersecurity as a facet of risk management (like other organizational challenges)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of our cybersecurity