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Cyber Intelligence: Best Practices and Biggest Challenges

Jared Ettinger, a cyber intelligence researcher in the SEI's Emerging Technology Center, discusses the findings of a report that outlines challenges and best practices in cyber intelligence.

Software Engineering Institute




Cyber Intelligence is a rapidly changing field, and many organizations do not have the people, time, and funding in place to build a cyber intelligence team, according to a report on cyber intelligence released in late May by researchers in the SEI’s Emerging Technology Center. Lead author Jared Ettinger discusses the findings of the report, which provides a snapshot of best practices and biggest challenges along with three guides for implementing cyber intelligence with artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and public cyber threat frameworks.

About the Speaker

Jared Ettinger

Jared Ettinger

Jared Ettinger is an SEI alumni employee.

Jared Ettinger is a cyber intelligence analyst at the Software Engineering Institute and an adjunct instructor at Carnegie Mellon University. His background is in intelligence and counter intelligence supporting the United States government.

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