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CMU SEI 2017 Research Review

This is a collection of digital artifacts from our review of FY2017 DoD-funded research projects.

Software Engineering Institute


This collection of presentations and posters and other material from our 2017 Research Review exemplifies the way we value our applied research and development (AR&D) in software and cybersecurity according to its impact on capability of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to continually and rapidly develop and deploy innovative, software-enabled components and systems that are affordable, resilient, and easy to modify. We focus our AR&D on data-driven, formally verified, and automated development support across the system lifecycle. We produce algorithms, tools, techniques, and practices that address critical technology gaps. Further, we deliver capabilities through an execution model that combines our AR&D with customer engagement and our deep expertise in forming, applying, and transitioning solutions that improve the state of the practice in software engineering and cybersecurity.

Collection Items