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CMMI Survival Guide: Just Enough Process Improvement

This book is a guide to making the most out of a successful CMMI implementation, with real examples provided to help you navigate around potential pitfalls and other dangers.

Addison-Wesley Professional



The SEI proudly announces the publication of the book, CMMI Survival Guide: Just Enough Process Improvement, by Suzanne Garcia-Miller and Richard Turner. Suzanne (SuZ) Garcia-Miller is a member of the SEI technical staff. Published by Addison-Wesley, this book is part of the SEI Series in Software Engineering.

The CMMI product suite provides a framework for process improvement spanning the life cycle of a product or service, from conception through delivery and maintenance. Widely and beneficially adopted around the world, the size and apparent complexity of the framework have nonetheless been daunting to some organizations. That need not be so. With a proper guide to help navigate around unknown dangers, potential pitfalls, and false paths, you too can realize substantial business value from a successful CMMI implementation. This book is such a guide, full of the real-life examples to ease your way, and written in a lighter style to ease your reading.

The CMMI Survival Guide is an effective resource for multiple readerships. If you are just now considering a process improvement program, with the CMMI product suite among your options, the authors' discussion of relevant issues will enhance your business case right from the start. If you have already decided to implement CMMI, the authors' practical knowledge will help you make the most of your efforts. Even if you are well into a CMMI implementation, but are lost, stuck, or going around in circles, the authors' valuable advice will help you regain your direction.       

Whatever your background or need, the CMMI Survival Guide will help you survey the CMMI territory, consult possible road maps, learn from other CMMI explorers, weigh the benefits of hiring a living guide, and even consider whether the trip is right for you.

Format: Hardback

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