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CERT fixbuf

CERT fixbuf is a compliant implementation of the IPFIX Protocol.

Software Engineering Institute


CERT fixbuf supports the information model defined in "Information Model for IP Flow Information Export" (RFC 5102), extended as proposed by "Bidirectional Flow Export Using IPFIX" (RFC 5103) to support information elements for representing biflows. It supports UDP, TCP, SCTP, TLS over TCP, and Spread as transport protocols. It also supports operation as an IPFIX File Writer or IPFIX File Reader as defined in "An IPFIX-Based File Format" (draft-trammell-ipfix-file, current revision -05). As of version 1.0, fixbuf supports structured data elements as described in "Export of Structured Data in IPFIX" (RFC 6313), adding the ability to export basicLists, subTemplateLists, and subTemplateMultiLists.