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Can You Rely on Your AI? Applying the AIR Tool to Improve Classifier Performance

In this webcast, SEI researchers discuss a new AI Robustness (AIR) tool that allows users to gauge AI and ML classifier performance with confidence.

Software Engineering Institute



Modern analytic methods, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) classifiers, depend on correlations; however, such approaches fail to account for confounding in the data, which prevents accurate modeling of cause and effect and often leads to prediction bias. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has developed a new AI Robustness (AIR) tool that allows users to gauge AI and ML classifier performance with unprecedented confidence. This project is sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering to transition use of our AIR tool to AI users across the Department of Defense. During the webcast, the research team will hold a panel discussion on the AIR tool and discuss opportunities for collaboration. Our team efforts focus strongly on transition and provide guidance, training, and software that put our transition collaborators on a path to successful adoption of this technology to meet their AI/ML evaluation needs.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How AIR adds analytical capability that didn’t previously exist, enabling an analysis to characterize and measure the overall accuracy of the AI as the underlying environment changes
  • Examples of the AIR process and results from causal discovery to causal identification to causal inference
  • Opportunities for partnership and collaboration

About the Speaker

Linda Parker Gates

Linda Parker Gates

Linda Parker Gates specializes in strategic planning, performance excellence, and change management. In addition to supporting numerous government agencies in developing and adopting improvement strategies, Gates leads the Software Acquisition Pathways initiative in the SEI Software Solutions Division. Gates is the author of the SEI technical report, Strategic Planning with …

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Headshot of Suzanne Miller.

Suzanne Miller

Suzanne Miller is a principal researcher at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in the Continuous Deployment of Capability Directorate. Miller actively supports multiple large DoD cyber-physical programs in their Agile/Lean adoption efforts, in addition to designing and teaching Agile courses and workshops tuned to government settings. Miller …

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David Shepard

David James Shepard

David Shepard has made a career working in many different areas of the information-technology field, but since 2010 he has worked as a software developer within the SEI’s Software Solutions Division. Shepard has spent time building networks, administering servers, designing software, writing and debugging software, working on process-improvement initiatives, auditing …

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