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Beyond IPPD: Distributed Collaboration in a Systems-of-Systems (SoS) Context

Urs Andelfinger and Suzanne Garcia-Miller look at the possible implications of issues stemming from complex system of systems for IPPD content in CMMI V. 1.2 (2008 presentation).

Software Engineering Institute

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How do you resolve conflict among suppliers and customers when you (especially you the supplier!) do not have a direct line of authority?

How do you navigate the different governance structures that lead to different processes being put into use that may not be compatible?

How do you respond to the customer's "real" needs if you're a supplier?

How do you know who to tell your real needs to if you're on the operations side?

We'll answer these by looking at characteristics of complex systems of systems that drive issues in these areas, then look at possible solutions and the implications of those for IPPD content in CMMI v1.2.