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Architecting Software the SEI Way - Analyzing and Evaluating Enterprise Architectures

John Klein reviews the SEI perspective on architecture-centric engineering, and discusses how this approach scales from its original software context through systems-of-systems.

Software Engineering Institute



The Architecture-Centric Engineering team at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has been extending its research from software architectures into the realms of software reliant system architectures, and system-of-systems and enterprise architectures. This work has focused on extending the principles of the SEI Quality Attribute Workshop and the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to develop methods applicable to larger scale architectures. We believe that enterprise architecture is critical to achieving business goals and that architectures are shaped by quality attribute requirements. So in this presentation we consider the following questions: How do we efficiently translate business goals into quality attribute requirements? How do we ensure that these quality attribute requirements are reflected in the tradeoffs and decisions that shaped the EA? We will begin by reviewing the SEI perspective on architecture-centric engineering. Next, we discuss how that approach scales from its original software context through systems and systems of systems. Lastly, we review the SEI methods applicable to systems and systems of systems, and finally propose how those methods can be extended to apply to enterprise architectures.

About the Speaker

John has over 20 years of experience developing systems and software. He joined SEI in 2008. Before joining SEI, John was a chief architect at Avaya, Inc. There his responsibilities included development of multimodal agents, architectures for communication analytics, and the creation and enhancement of the Customer Interaction Software Product Line architecture. Prior to that, John was a software architect at Quintus, where he designed the first commercially successful multi-channel integrated contact center product and led the technology integration of the product portfolio as Quintus acquired several other companies. Before joining Quintus, John worked for several companies in the video conferencing and video networking industry. He began his professional career at Raytheon, where he developed hardware and software solutions for radar signal processing, multi-spectral image processing, and parallel processing architectures and algorithms.

About the Speaker

John Klein

John Klein

John Klein is a principal investigator and senior member of the technical staff in the Software Solutions Division at the SEI.

Klein is currently leading a project investigating how to automatically reconstruct the deployment architecture of a legacy system and developing a playbook to guide organizations through modernization projects. Klein …

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