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AI Engineering: Ask Us Anything About Building AI Better

In this webcast, Rachel Dzombak and Matt Gaston take your questions and discuss what is needed to create, deploy, and maintain AI systems we can trust.

Software Engineering Institute



Self-driving cars are being tested in our cities, bespoke movie and product recommendations populate our apps, and we can count on our phones to route us around highway traffic... Why, then, do most AI deployments fail? What is needed to create, deploy, and maintain AI systems we can trust to meet our mission needs, particularly for defense and national security? The SEI recently launched an AI Division to ensure that our researchers are working to address these hard questions. In this live question and answer session, Dr. Rachel Dzombak and Dr. Matt Gaston will share their points of view on what AI engineering is today and where the field is going. Join us to learn about building AI better with the nascent discipline of AI Engineering and how the SEI plans to leverage the new AI Division to advance human-centered, robust and secure, and scalable AI systems.

What attendees will learn:

  • How to find AI Engineering lessons in your own AI practices
  • What’s needed to build an AI Engineering mindset on your team
  • Leading AI Engineering practices
  • How to engage with a national initiative dedicated to advancing the discipline of AI Engineering
  • How the SEI is growing our portfolio of work in the AI Division

About the Speaker

Matt Gaston

Dr. Matt Gaston is the director of the AI Division at the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute and the founding director of the SEI’s Emerging Technology Center. He also holds an appointment as an adjunct associate professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Institute for Software Research.

As the director …

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Photo of Rachel Dzombak

Rachel Dzombak

Dr. Rachel Dzombak is an SEI alumni employee.

Dr. Rachel Dzombak is the digital transformation lead within the Emerging Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute. In this role, Dzombak works with organizations to realize the capability of artificial intelligence (AI) for mission outcomes. Additionally, Dzombak helps lead …

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