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Adapting Agile and DevSecOps to Improve Non-Software Development Teams

In this webcast, Lyndsi Hughes and David Sweeney share their experiences applying Agile and DevSecOps practices in atypical ways.

Software Engineering Institute



Agile and DevSecOps have revolutionized software engineering practices. The strategies put forward in Agile and DevSecOps have eased many software engineering challenges and paved the way for continuous deployment pipelines. But what do you do when you're facing a problem that doesn't fit the model of a pure software engineering project?

In this webcast, we will share our experiences applying Agile and DevSecOps practices in atypical ways. We will focus our discussion around two atypical examples:

1) managing a program office’s acquisition process
2) developing and maintaining computing enclave operations

Using these examples, we will discuss the specific applications of the tools and practices we used to enhance a team's capabilities and better support end users' missions. We will also share the lessons we learned along the way.

What attendees will learn:

  • general Agile and DevSecOps principles
  • features of DevSecOps tools that we find useful
  • strategies for process improvement in non-traditional environments
  • challenges faced in these environments and potential solutions to them

About the Speaker

Headshot of Lyndsi Hughes

Lyndsi A. Hughes

Lyndsi Hughes is a member of the technical staff in the CERT division of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Lyndsi joined the SEI in 2010. During her tenure at the SEI, Lyndsi has operated and maintained numerous specialized computing environments in support of research projects, …

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Headshot of David Sweeney

David Sweeney

David Sweeney is a member of the technical staff in the CERT Cybersecurity Foundations directorate of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Sweeney has developed and operates applications for the development and adoption of Agile practices for uses within DoD  programs. Additionally, he provides direct support to DoD program offices to …

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