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ACVIP in Practice at Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin

This presentation by Scot Wrocklage and Alek Taraskewich was given virtually at AADL/ACVIP User Day 2022.

Software Engineering Institute



Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, provides an overview of how ACVIP processes are being interwoven into their digital thread for product development. This includes an overview of the types of ACVIP related tools and analyses that Sikorsky is or plans to be using and how they connect to other development processes and tools within the lifecycle. Sikorsky’s approach to ACVIP centers on ensuring model data is generated efficiently but still tightly coupled into a unambiguous authoritative source of truth.

Scot Wrocklage is an associate fellow and software architect for Lockheed Martin with 18+ years of experience in Embedded Software for Avionics and Mission Systems. Scot is passionate about continuous improvement and increasing process efficiencies, and he has led many successful transformations within his organization to achieve those goals in practice. Scot has been involved with ACVIP and AADL since 2019 and has been an avid proponent for the use of ACVIP to improve quality and reduce costs to development efforts within Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin. Scot is a graduate of Saginaw Valley State University with bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

Alek Taraskewich is a senior software engineer at Lockheed Martin who has spent 7+ years developing and testing embedded software for rotorcraft. Alek has made significant contributions to the automation of test activities within Sikorsky and has brought that automation mind set to his work with ACVIP and AADL. Alek has been working with the Sikorsky ACVIP initiatives in the last 2 years and has been instrumental in helping to shape the Sikorsky approach to ACVIP. Prior to working at Sikorsky, Alek was working with turbofan electronic engine control computers and rich web applications. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Game and Interactive Development and is currently writing his graduate thesis on Real-Time Deep Visual Odometry for Mobile Systems.