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2017 SEI Year in Review Resources

Resources for further information on topics discussed in the 2017 SEI Year in Review.

Software Engineering Institute


Thank you for reading the 2017 SEI Year in Review. The following resources provide more information about the topics addressed in individual articles in the Year in Review. The Table of Contents presents the 2017 SEI Year in Review article title followed by the related resources. A list of links at the bottom of the page provide author information and brief summaries for each item.

Using Ground-Truth Data Sets as Engines of Innovation

Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: More than a Decade of Influence

Bridging Science and Practice to Build Cybersecurity Knowledge and Skills

Making Biometric Data Extraction Mission Practical

Getting a Handle on Big Learning Platform Performance

Building Trust Between Humans and Autonomous Systems

SEI Research Combats Mounting Acquisition Costs

Reporting DoD Network Vulnerabilities: It Just Got Easier

Assuring Autonomous Systems that Operate in Mission Environments

Pushing R&D to the Front Lines

Enabling Elusive Systems: Adaptive Cyber Defense for Networks

A Fighting Chance: Arming the Analyst in the Age of Big Data

Automated Code Analysis and Transformation

Building the Cyber Capacity of International Partners

Collection Items