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With a focus on speeding the delivery of software capability to warfighters. The SEI has conducted research on Agile software approaches in the Department of Defense and other government settings since 2009.

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Artificial Intelligence Engineering

The SEI develops AI applications for mission needs and leads the creation of a professional AI Engineering discipline to develop AI systems that are scalable, robust and secure, and human-centered.

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CERT/CC Vulnerabilities

SEI researchers reduce cybersecurity risk by conducting and promoting coordinated vulnerability disclosure, researching and publishing vulnerability discovery tools and techniques, and improving vulnerability data and information systems.

Cloud Computing topic image

Cloud Computing

The SEI studies cloud computing to help organizations develop and operate secure and cost-effective systems and deliver scalable capability to the network edge.

CSIRT Development topic image

CSIRT Development

The SEI helps security operations and cybersecurity centers develop, operationalize, and improve their incident management capabilities to prevent and mitigate cybersecurity threats.

Cyber Workforce Development topic image

Cyber Workforce Development

The SEI has 20 years of experience delivering cutting-edge solutions through the development of innovative technologies and approaches that result in elite learning experiences and equip cybersecurity professionals with the skills to face emerging challenges.


Cyber-Physical Systems

In cyber-physical systems (CPS), physical and software components are deeply intertwined. Our work in this area involves virtual integration and research and development to enable the rapid, scalable automatic verification of CPS systems.

Cybersecurity Engineering topic image

Cybersecurity Engineering

The SEI’s research in cybersecurity engineering (CSE) builds knowledge, methods, patterns, and practices to help organizations acquire, develop, validate, and sustain software and systems so they can meet today’s cybersecurity challenges.

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DevSecOps enables the development (Dev), security (Sec), and delivery/operations (Ops) of software systems to streamline implementation of new capabilities and to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of resilient software deployment.

Enterprise Risk and Resilience Management topic image

Enterprise Risk and Resilience Management

The SEI conducts cybersecurity research and creates models, tools, and methods that empower organizations to improve enterprise risk management and resilience and build confidence in their cybersecurity posture.

Insider Threat topic image

Insider Threat

The SEI conducts research, modeling, analysis, and outreach to develop data-driven, socio-technical solutions that help organizations reduce the impact and likelihood of insider threats.

Quantum Computing topic image

Quantum Computing

The SEI is working to study how quantum computing can serve as the next paradigm for optimization in fields like software verification and validation.

Reverse Engineering For Malware Analysis topic image

Reverse Engineering for Malware Analysis

The SEI researches malware and reverse engineering to help analysts effectively and quickly remove malware from their organizations’ network.

Secure Development topic image

Secure Development

Secure development refers to the set of tools, practices, and approaches created by the SEI to reduce vulnerabilities by eliminating coding errors.

Situational Awareness topic image

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness establishes the methods and tools for organizations to successfully assess and monitor their assets and activities to protect against threats and attacks.


Software Architecture

The software architecture of a computing system is a depiction of the system that aids in understanding how the system will achieve key system qualities.


Software Engineering Research and Development

We conduct research, develop advanced technologies, and provide solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of software development and software-reliant systems, from acquisition through sustainment.

Technical Debt topic image

Technical Debt

Most software projects carry technical debt. We develop tools and techniques that identify it and provide a complete view of the debt that you need to manage.