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SEI Unveils a New Blogging Platform

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We are writing to let our SEI Blog readers know about some changes to SEI blogs that make our content areas more accessible and easier to navigate. On August 6, 2015, the SEI will unveil a new website, SEI Insights, that will give you access to all SEI blogs--the CERT/CC, Insider Threat, DevOps and SATURN, and SEI--in one mobile-friendly location. At SEI Insights, readers can quickly review the most recent posts from all SEI blogs and navigate to each blog.

The biweekly DevOps series that was part of the SEI Blog will now have its own blog page accessible from the Insights homepage. The SEI and DevOps blogs, as well as the other blogs on the site, will maintain individual RSS feeds.

To access SEI Insights, please visit

Your links to the former blog sites will temporarily redirect to SEI Insights, but we encourage you to update existing links and bookmarks.

Thank you for your continued support of the SEI blogs.

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