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Link Roundup, 3-24-15: Women in Software Architecture

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Women in Software Architecture
As part of National Women's History Month, Pittsburgh Urban Media salutes Dr. Mary Shaw, recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2014. Dr. Shaw is a leader in software engineering research whose work on software architecture helped establish it as a recognized discipline, and PUM's interview with her reveals how she got an early start in a field dominated by men and what she is most proud of today. We are pleased that Dr. Shaw will give a keynote talk at SATURN 2015, and we use this week's link roundup to highlight other women of the software architecture discipline who will also present at SATURN 2015. Discovering Alexander's Properties In Your Code: In this presentation from Smalltalks 2014, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock of Wirfs-Brock Associates explains how Christopher Alexander, the building architect, inspired the first software patterns with his patterns for buildings and architecture and why she thinks his latest work could influence how you code.

Magic Pixie Dust Not Included: In this keynote from DevOpsDays 2014, Sascha Bates of Chef tells you how to level up your DevOps practice. She covers how to make the transition from convert to accomplished practitioner as well as touch on what DevOps can and cannot do. Building a Great Lean UX Team: In this presentation from FlowCon 2014, Ariadna Font Llitjos of IBM Watson Group cautions that great team work doesn't happen by accident. From hiring T-shaped designers and developers, to cultivating a user-focused process, to emphasizing continuous learning, she explains how to build a great Lean UX team. Agile and Architecture Practices for Rapid Delivery: In this blog post, Stephany Bellomo of the Software Engineering Institute summarizes a study of project teams that used incremental development life cycles from government and commercial organizations and summarizes the findings on key success and failure factors for rapid fielding in their projects. See presentations by all these speakers and more at the fast-approaching SATURN Conference. Join us in Baltimore at SATURN 2015 by registering today!

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