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Architecture Boot Camp at SATURN 2015

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As the field of software architecture has matured over the years, its concepts and terminology can be barriers to newcomers. In past years, the SATURN program was geared toward those who had attended SEI courses or had otherwise steeped themselves in the canon (a pretty hefty bookshelf). For those who had not yet done so, the SEI offered its introductory courses before the conference began.

This year, at no additional cost, the SATURN 2015 technical program includes a series of sessions intended for beginners, novices, and aspiring software architects. This Architecture Boot Camp will be held early in the conference program and led by experienced instructors from the SEI technical staff. You don't have to attend every Boot Camp session, and you can interleave them with the main schedule.

Here are several reasons to attend the Boot Camp sessions:

  • You want to refresh your understanding of the terminology and ideas.
  • You want to fortify your understanding of ideas you already know informally.
  • You are excited about SATURN but are new to architecture.
  • You are a SATURN veteran and are bringing your team into our community. (SATURN 2015 offers a 10% discount to organizations sending three or more attendees.)

Theses sessions are a quick way to build a foundation in the basic principles of software architecture so that you can get the most out of your SATURN experience. The Architecture Boot Camp sessions are

The SEI and its instructors are experts in delivering this training. For almost two decades, the SEI has been instrumental in the creation and development of the field of software architecture, writing great books and training thousands of people. We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity by registering for SATURN 2015 today.

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