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Link Roundup, 1-20-15: Clouds at Hyperscale

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Clouds at Hyperscale
For media services everywhere, January is the time to write summaries of the previous year and make forecasts about the next one. Lisa Wirthman of Forbes Magazine helps us transition to the new year with How the Top 5 Cloud Trends of 2014 Will Impact the Enterprise in 2015. The fourth of Wirthman's five trends is about the maturing cloud market in 2014 and the growth of a few cloud providers operating at a global scale in 2015. This SATURN link roundup offers a few recent blog posts on clouds at hyperscale. A Rare Peek Into The Massive Scale of AWS: Amazon Web Services has revealed the size and scope of its cloud, and Timothy Prickett Morgan at EnterpriseTech reports that it is really, really big. Morgan runs through some of the numbers and discusses the datacenter architecture of the AWS cloud. You can also watch AWS Senior Vice President Andy Jassy's keynote talk from the AWS Re:Invent 2014 Conference.

On Track to a Hyperscale Universe: Arthur Cole at the ITBusinessEdge Infrastructure blog argues that "building hyperscale infrastructure is one thing, architecting it for the appropriate business outcome is quite another," and the most common container solution lacks some security and governance features. Hyperscale: An Adverb or an Adjective?: Alex Bakker at Saugatuck Technology's LENS360 says that microservice architectures can help build pathways to the hyperscale cloud. Does Cloud Spell the Death of Infrastructure Architecture?: Ron Selby, Lead Technical Design Architect at The Adapters, describes how hyperscale clouds have changed the role of the architect from a focus on infrastructure to a focus on integration.

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