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Link Roundup, 12-12-14: Cross-Language and Cross-Platform Development

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In a Huffington Post article titled “What Global Warming, Energy Efficiency and Erlang Have in Common,” Noah Gift says, “Hidden in the discussion of rising energy costs and consumption in datacenters is the selection of software language.” Gift’s emphasis is on how the constraints many languages have limit them to one processor and how the languages used to write software can affect the way that processors use energy. This inefficiency would seem to extend backward from running software to developing software. Nowadays, developers must contend not only with multiple desktop platforms but also with multiple mobile platforms, and do so in multiple languages. This week’s link roundup highlights some tools for simplifying the processes of developing across languages and platforms. Apache Thrift: The Apache Thrift software framework combines a software library with a code-generation engine, and the compiler generates code that can communicate across programming languages, enabling efficient development of scalable backend services. A white paper discusses motivations and design choices.

Mertech Evolution: “Mertech Evolution enables applications written in different languages to communicate with each other using multiple protocols.”  Mertech has a series of Evolution Training videos to show you how it works. Brian’s 10 Rules for How to Write Cross-Platform Code: Brian Wilson at BackBlaze provides guidelines for writing cross-platform code that will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux and explains why cross-platform development will raise the overall quality of your code. Ten of the Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for Enterprises: Christopher Reynolds at AppIndex rounds up a list of ten best tools for expanding app development to the rapidly growing mobile world.

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