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Link Roundup, 11/12/14: Minimum Viable Architecture

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Minimum Viable Architecture
In his Introduction to Minimum Viable Architecture, Savita Pahuja at InfoQ recalls an older blog by Kavis Technology that described the role of agile methods as serving a balancing function between the minimum viable product and the minimum viable architecture. Below are several recent opinions on this topic and a project that is putting the theory into practice. Less is More with Minimalist Architecture: Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer wrote in the October 2002 issue of IT Professional that you should "sort out your highest-priority architectural requirements, and then do the least you possibly can to achieve them!" Good Enough Is Good Enough: Minimum Viable Architecture in a Startup: In a presentation given at the San Francisco Startup CTO Summit, Randy Shoup encourages startups to ignore the advice he's been giving for a decade on building large-scale systems.

The Minimum Viable Product and Incremental Software Development: Hayim Makabee at Effective Software Design relates Eric Ries's concept of the minimum viable product (The Lean Startup) to incremental software development. The Case for Minimalism in Software Architecture: In Michael Keeling's blog Reflections on Software Engineering, the point of architectural minimalism - which may carry into description and documentation minimalism - is to focus on satisfying key quality attributes. Minimum Viable Device: Mobile Heights is a Swedish-based, member-financed, non-profit organization that aims to create a standard for communication between objects in the Internet of Things and to shorten development time for connected devices and services.

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