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Link Roundup, 10/21/14: The Watson Explorer

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The Watson Explorer The Watson Developer Cloud brings Watson to developers and the cognitive cloud to Internet applications. Watson offers a variety of services for building cognitive apps, including language identification and translation, interpreting meaning based on context, and communicating with people in their own styles. Here are some reviews and links to APIs and sample code. IBM's Watson Supercomputer Gives Developers Access to Cognitive Cloud: George Lawton at TechTarget provides an early review of the Watson Explorer’s unified view of enterprise information. The cloud allows the technology to be accessible for a greater variety of applications and improves the scale and time to market of those applications. IBM Debuts First Watson Machine-Learning APIs: Serdar Yegulalp at Java World previews the eight services that developers can access for building cognitive apps based on Watson’s machine intelligence service. He focuses on visualization rendering as the service least limited by data training.

Watson Services: Jerome Pesenti announces on Hacker News the release of the first batch of APIs for the Watson Developer Cloud cognitive services. They are available through IBM BlueMix for everybody to try, and the Watson Developer Cloud team welcomes your feedback. Introduction to Integrating Watson Developer Cloud with Watson Explorer: Sample code demonstrates integration between Watson Developer Cloud cognitive services with the Watson Explorer search engine. It includes some integration architecture patterns for mixed public/private cloud search-intensive systems. Cognitive Computing: New Ways of Developing Software for a New Era of Computing: In this video, Jerome Pesenti of IBM Watson gives a SATURN 2014 keynote address on new advances in cognitive computing and explains the challenges they bring to software development and architecture.

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