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"What I learned at a SATURN conference and applied in my organization"

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How has something you learned or saw at SATURN changed how you develop software? Since the first conference in 2004, SATURN has been a place for software developers to share stories about our adventures in building software. Architects, managers, and programmers from across industries and the world came together once a year to share stories about our experiences applying software architecture-centric practices.

Just take a look at some of the many excellent talks from past conferences. In the SATURN archives you’ll find stories about how systems were designed and lessons learned in the process of building them; stories about using methods in the real world and new methods forged from firsthand experience; even stories about managing people, teaching architects, and the future of the software industry. Speakers come from companies large and small and from around the world. Why not you? At SATURN 2015, we want to hear stories from you about how something you learned or saw at SATURN changed the way you develop software. Maybe you learned a new method or someone helped you grasp the “ah-ha!” moment for running a better design workshop. Perhaps you were exposed to some bit of research or a reference to an article, author, or paper that turned you on to a whole new area of software architecture design. Maybe you heard about a technique or framework that you knew you just had to try out for yourself. At SATURN 2015 in Baltimore we are dedicating a special session to stories about how you applied something you learned at a past SATURN conference. We’ll ask that you submit a normal abstract that clearly indicates which past SATURN presentations laid the foundation for your experiences. Tutorials, talks, keynotes, and workshops are all fair game. Authors of the best submissions for this track will be invited to speak and receive speaker compensation as an invited speaker, including complimentary conference registration and one free night at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, where the conference will be held. What we’re hoping for are stories that help push the state of practice forward with corroborating experiences, data, and new ideas building on the foundational knowledge that got you started.  Both success and failure stories are welcome. Special thanks to Umashankar Velusamy of Verizon Communications who suggested this idea during the “Hallway Track” at SATURN 2014! SATURN 2015 will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, April 27–30, 2015. The SATURN 2015 Call for Submissions is now open. As described in the Call, we will immediately begin a rolling-acceptance process for proposal submissions, so submit early to get feedback and improve your chances. Michael Keeling and George Fairbanks SATURN 2015 Co-Technical Chairs

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