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Making SATURN 2015 the Best SATURN Conference Ever

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The SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference 2015 will be held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, April 27--30, 2015. We are pleased to announce that the co-technical chairs of SATURN 2015 will be George Fairbanks of Google and Michael Keeling of IBM. Based on your feedback in the hallways in Portland and from post-conference surveys, George, Michael, and the rest of the SATURN technical committee have designed SATURN 2015 to better meet your needs in a practitioner-oriented technical conference. The SATURN 2015 Call for Submissions is now open. As described in the Call, we will immediately begin a rolling-acceptance process for proposal submissions, so submit early to get feedback and improve your chances.

What’s New for 2015

We have three big changes in our format that we are excited to tell you about:

1. The main conference program will run for three full days.

We are eliminating days dedicated only to tutorials so that we can extend the main conference from two days to three. This is a shift from pay-per-event to an all-access pass that will enable you to switch between the sessions throughout each day. The only additional charges will be for one-day SEI courses, which we will deliver on Monday, April 27 for those who choose to take them.

2. Sessions will be of different lengths (15, 30, or 90 minutes).

We will introduce greater variety into the program by featuring richer and more diverse formats and presentation styles. We have all sat through sessions that would have been great if only they were half the length and others that were enthralling but ended before we got the good stuff. So this year we encourage you to submit proposals for sessions of various lengths: 15, 30, or 90 minutes.

3. Shorter tutorials will now be included in the main conference program.

Tutorials have been a strong part of SATURN with experienced speakers and fresh new ideas. This year we change that by providing focused 90-minute tutorial presentations as part of the main conference. That means that there will be no extra charges for tutorials. We will continue to feature great speakers and fresh ideas, but now everyone who attends the conference is invited to attend any presentation that interests them. A side benefit is that you no longer have to justify the additional costs, and you can pick and choose from the entire set of tutorials that we offer. Lots more information about SATURN 2015 is forthcoming here on the SATURN blog and on the SEI and SATURN 2015 websites. We hope you will begin making plans to join us in Baltimore next April for the best SATURN conference ever!

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