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Link Roundup, 9/8/14: Microservice Architecture

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Microservice Architecture Since James Lewis and Martin Fowler published their article on Microservices in March 2014, the microservices architecture pattern has been the subject of much debate in the blogosphere: Is there a good definition for it (or not), is it another form of SOA (or not), is it an answer to the monolith (or not), is it a fad or the next big thing? The following blog posts contribute to the discussion on some of these topics. Failing at Microservices: Please avoid our mistakes!: Richard Clayton’s Unrepentant Thoughts on Software and Management recently included a blog post about his team’s attempt to implement a microservice architecture, four reasons why it failed, and some recommendations for avoiding these problems. Microservices for the Grumpy Neckbeard: Chris Stucchio discusses what he sees as the two camps of the debate about microservices, the hipsters who see their many benefits and the neckbeards who are more suspicious, and describes an architecture that may serve to bring the two camps together.

Microservices, or How I Learned To Stop Making Monoliths and Love Conway’s Law: Cliff Moon at Boundary’s blog responds to Chris Stucchio’s post and argues that the real problem – or the real solution – is the communication structure of the development team. Distributed Big Balls of Mud: Simon Brown at Coding the Architecture contends that the strategies required to create a good microservices architecture are the same as those needed to create a well-structured monolith, and if a team can’t build a good monolith, they won’t succeed at microservices either. The Great Microservices vs Monolithic Apps Twitter Melee: Todd Hoff at High Scalability writes in defense of the monolith and provides a long list of articles for further reading.

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