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Link Roundup, 8/14/14: Test-Driven Development: Dead or Alive?

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Test-Driven Development: Dead or Alive? Back in the Spring, a single blog post sparked a debate that on the surface seems absurd. Is TDD actually useful and still relevant? The discourse that followed and is still following this discussion is spectacular and spans Twitter, blogs, and a series of video debates. We thank Michael Keeling of Never Let Down for bringing this debate to our attention. TDD is dead. Long live testing.: David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, discusses the death of test-driven development and the need to transition from unit testing to system testing. Is TDD Dead?: Martin Fowler engages Hansson and Kent Beck in a series of video conversations on the topic of test-driven development and its impact on software design, including confidence, test-induced design damage, and cost.

Monogamous TDD: Robert Martin (Uncle Bob) at 8th Light warns that “As an industry, we suck. If you aren't doing TDD, or something as effective as TDD, then you should feel bad.” TDD – Should I or Shouldn’t I: Ronnie Mukherjee at The Proactive Programmer  takes a more flexible approach but stresses that, among other benefits, TDD can keep the “instant gratification monkey” in check. TDD Is Dead – Not Really: Gergely Brautigam at Ramblings of a Tester disagrees as well, focusing on quality and time constraints to argue that acceptance tests and unit tests will help you understand your logic better. Why Most Unit Testing Is Waste: Last week, James O. Coplien at Rex Black Consulting Services posted an essay giving a number of reasons to prefer system testing to unit testing, including the avoidance of schizophrenia and Green Bar Fever. You can participate in this ongoing conversation about TDD at #isTDDDead.

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