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Exciting Events Added to SATURN 2014 Program

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The international software architecture community has responded to this year's SATURN technical program with another year of strong registration for the SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference. SATURN, now in its 10th year, will be held at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland, Oregon, from May 5 through 9, 2014, and registration is still open. Currently 180 people are registered to attend, and it is likely that this year's conference will come close to or exceed the record attendance of 207 in Minneapolis in 2013. We are excited to inform you about two late additions to the technical program.

We have added a talk by the well-known Portland-based blogger and podcaster Scott Hanselman, who has been blogging at for over a decade. Scott has three podcasts: The Hanselminutes Podcast for tech talk, This Developer's Life on developers' lives and loves, and Ratchet and the Geek for pop culture and tech media, and he will talk in the Wednesday morning “Insights in Evolution” session on JavaScript, the Cloud, and the New Virtual Machine. At 2:45 on Thursday afternoon, May 8, we have assembled a panel of some of the world’s foremost experts on technical debt. The discussion will be moderated by 2012 SATURN Technical Chair George Fairbanks of Google. Panelists will be previous SATURN Keynote Speakers Jeromy Carriere of Google, Philippe Kruchten of the University of British Columbia, and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock; Robert L. Nord of the SEI; and SATURN 2014 Keynote Speaker Bill Opdyke of JPMorgan Chase. Here is a description of the panel:

Technical debt is a metaphor in software engineering that helps us understand and deal with those decisions that result in poorer quality code. Whether it is through ignorance, accident, or strategy, all software-intensive systems carry some technical debt. During this panel, we will explore the topic of technical debt as it relates to software architecture. This practitioner-focused discussion features leading experts in technical debt and software architecture. They will explore the following questions and more:
  • How does technical debt manifest in software architecture
  • When and how should I "pay down" debt
  • What do developers, managers, architects, and customers need to know about technical debt
  • Is architecture-level debt qualitatively different?
  • How can I measure and/or manage debt effectively
  • What are the limits of the technical debt metaphor?
These newly added events will complement our full schedule of tutorials, SEI courses, keynote presentations, an Open Space running concurrently with the conference, and two days of high-quality technical presentations. SATURN tutorials are still available to both new registrants and those who are already registered for SATURN, including All About NoSQL by Pradyumn Sharma of Pragati Software Pvt. Ltd. (half-day), Iteration Planning by Philippe Kruchten of the University of British Columbia (half-day), and Architecture Katas by Ted Neward of Neward Associates (full-day). If you are already registered for SATURN and wish to enroll in additional tutorials, you can update your registration here before Wednesday, April 30, 2014 or register for tutorials on site. SATURN 2014 will present a unique and valuable learning and networking opportunity for software architects. If you have not yet registered for SATURN, we hope you will reconsider and register now!

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