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New This Year at SATURN 2014: Open Space

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Post-conference surveys and informal feedback have indicated that SATURN attendees value the opportunity to network and to share experiences and insights with peers and colleagues each year at SATURN. In response, the program committee this year has built into the program an Open Space event, which will run concurrently with the rest of the conference. "Open spaces have no set program or agenda," says Technical Chair Michael Keeling. "The idea is that participants will bring what excites them. This can help participants make the conference what they want it to be. I expect this will be a critical part of the learning experience we have at SATURN."

Open Space will allow participants to create and attend sessions around topics of their own choosing, even topics that arise right at the conference itself. Open Space at SATURN 2014 will begin with a kickoff event on Tuesday, May 6 at 6:30 pm, facilitated by Diana Larsen of FutureWorks Consulting, an experienced facilitator of Open Space events. The theme of Open Space at SATURN 2014 will be "Sticky Situations in Software Architecture: Dealing with Hard Problems."


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