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Joe Justice, Founder of Team WIKISPEED, to keynote at SATURN 2014

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Joe Justice, of Scrum Inc., and Team Wikispeed, which built a 100+ mpg car in less than three months for the X-Prize using Agile, Lean, and Scrum, will discuss this project in a keynote address at SATURN 2014 on Wednesday, May 7. Joe is a consultant at Scrum, Inc., TEDx speaker, and coach for agile hardware and manufacturing teams around the world. He is the founder of Team WIKISPEED, an all Scrum, volunteer-based, green automotive-prototyping company, with a goal to change the world for the better. Justice consults and coaches teams and companies on implementing Scrum at all levels of their organization, in software and physical manufacturing.

Joe Justice

UPDATE: Joe provided us with the title and abstract for his talk.

Title: For Maximum Awesome

Team WIKISPEED is an Agile hardware and engineering company, using Test First development practices run by Scrum teams to produce road-legal cars, microhouses, and social-good projects. Joe leads WIKISPEED, a team of 500 volunteers in 20 countries, and walks us through how their 100 MPG road car was made possible in just three months through object-oriented design, iterative development, and Agile project management. Joe worked with the team at Scrum Inc. to share these learnings, and now he shares his experience report on exactly how Agile from software projects is applied to physical engineering and manufacture, and how cross-functional software team members can blow up the constraints we imagine around traditional manufacturing. Joe will use the example of the design and development of their ultra-efficient, modular cars, and clients' projects in satellites, laboratory equipment, missile systems, radio systems, medical devices, and others. For more information about SATURN 2014 or to register, visit the SATURN website or contact the SEI.

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