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Bill Opdyke, "Father of Object-Oriented Code Refactoring," to Keynote at SATURN 2014

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Bill Opdyke, who is best known for having done the first in-depth study of code re-factoring as a software engineering technique, will deliver the opening keynote address at SATURN 2014 on Wednesday, May 7. Bill is currently an architecture lead/vice president at JPMorgan Chase, where he focuses on architectural issues related to web and mobile retail banking. His doctoral research at the University of Illinois led to the foundational thesis in object-oriented refactoring.

Bill learned early in his career that, for most software projects, the only constant is change, and significant leverage can be realized by addressing change at an architectural level. At Motorola, he was a distinguished member of the technical staff, focusing on information assurance and security architecture in support of government and public-safety application development, as well as software architectures to support broadband and home-networking applications. At Bell Labs, he was technical lead on a range of projects related to advanced technology and software and systems architecture. He has also taught academic courses in software engineering and data communications at North Central College and, more recently, at Wheaton College. For more information about SATURN 2014 or to register, visit the SATURN website or contact the SEI.
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