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SATURN 2014 Proposal Guidelines

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One of our goals every year with SATURN is to create a solid technical program that is informative, engaging, and lasting. When evaluating proposals for the program, the review committee uses the following guidelines to help decide whether a proposal is a good match for this year’s conference. In these guidelines, the term “session” is used generically to describe any talks, workshops, tutorials, and so on in the conference program.

Informative sessions share meaningful insights with lessons that attendees will be able to apply directly with their teams after the conference.

  • Is the information proposed relevant to one of the topic themes in this year’s conference?

  • Are there succinct lessons supported by real-world examples, research, or direct experience?

  • Is the topic of broad or general interest?

  • Can the lessons be applied beyond small sub-communities of practice?

Engaging sessions create an active learning environment that promotes information retention and generally gets attendees excited about the topics discussed.

  • Did the speakers have an impact on their organization related to the lessons or insights proposed?

  • Do the speakers appear to be knowledgeable of the topics proposed?

  • Do the speakers have a history of successful, engaging, educational, energetic, passionate, or entertaining presentations?

  • Have the speakers shown an attention to detail in preparing their proposal?

  • For participative sessions and tutorials, will the proposed session create an effective learning experience for attendees?

Lasting sessions have appeal beyond current fads and attempt to weave new ideas into our overall understanding of how we develop software systems.

  • Does the proposed session advance the current state of practice?

  • Does the proposed session improve our depth of understanding in software architecture?

  • Does the proposed session present a unique or novel project experience?

  • Does the proposed session offer a unique or fresh perspective on “classic” topics?

Our intent in sharing this information is to help you to write the best proposal possible. Use these evaluation guidelines to tailor your proposals and help create the best SATURN Conference yet. Strong proposals will have some “yes” answers in each of the guidelines. Also note that these are only guidelines and not hard-and-fast rules. We are excited to see all the great ideas that are proposed! - Michael Keeling SATURN 2014 Technical Chair

SATURN 2014 will be held in Portland, Oregon, May 5-9, 2014. See the SATURN 2014 Call for Submissions to learn how you can submit an abstract to present your ideas at SATURN 2014. Proposals for 30-minute experience-report presentations, 90-minute participatory sessions, and half-day tutorials must be submitted to the online submission system no later than January 10, 2014. For proposals that are submitted before November 22, 2013, the program committee will provide feedback that submitters can use to refine their proposals before the final deadline.

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