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Workshop on Managing Technical Debt at ESEIW 2013

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Fifth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt Co-located with Empirical Software Engineering International Week (ESEIW 2013) Baltimore, Maryland October 9, 2013 technical debt metaphor is gaining significant traction in the development community as a way to understand and communicate the issues surrounding the delivery of increasingly complex software-reliant systems that demands better ways to manage the long-term effects of short-term expedients. However,

"...there is a plethora of attention-grabbing pronouncements in cyberspace that have not been evaluated before they were published, often reflecting the authors' guesses and experience on the subject of Technical Debt." - Spinola et al. 2013

Increasing industry interest and emergence of organization specific practices can be seen as an early indication that industry needs a clearly defined practice to deal with issues such as evolution, strategic resource management and bridging the stakeholder communication gap. As we slowly converge on a crisper definition of technical debt and the boundaries of its use, our goal for this workshop is to bring together leading empiricists and practitioners to explore practical problems and opportunities for research that can provide evidence for or against the emerging definition and the efficacy of emerging practice. The Workshop on Managing Technical Debt is your chance to join your peers and industry and academic veterans to explore the diverse issues that are related to technical debt and the software development lifecycle.

Panelists and speakers include:
• Murray Cantor, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Rational Software;
• Robert Eisenberg, Software Engineer Senior Staff, Lockheed Martin Corporation;
• Guenther Ruhe, Industrial Research Chair in Software Engineering, University of Calgary;
• Carolyn Seaman, Associate Professor of Information Systems, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

We invite members of the software engineering community to join us to meet and network with other leaders in the emerging discipline, participate in sessions on how to focus research on critical industry problems, join in the discussion with leaders during the panel on challenges in measuring technical debt: research and industry perspectives, and develop new ideas to bring back to your organization. The details of the program and other logistics are at our workshop site. - Robert Nord, SEI

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