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SATURN 2013 Program Highlights from Conference Program Chairs

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As program chairs for SATURN 2013, we would like to provide you an overview of the presentation program (note: information about keynotes by Stephan Murer, Scott Berkun, and Mary Poppendieck, the invited talk by Philippe Kruchten, and tutorial highlights is already available in other blog posts). We received many high quality submissions covering the topics of front-end architecture, back-end architecture, methods and tools, and technical leadership. In total we got contributions from more than 40 companies and organizations across three continents.

On Wednesday morning you have the tough choice to decide between three great sessions. For example, Harald Wesenberg from Statoil speaks about architecting for the long term in Session 1. In Session 2, Chris Armstrong presents ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 in action, while Session 3 deals with agile practices at scale.

A highlight on Wednesday afternoon is the session on cloud computing: it kicks off with an experience report by Joel Crabb from BestBuy, followed by an SEI talk on automated provisioning. The final presentation comes from Ralph Retter, a Daimler architect, who has harvested a rich set of cloud application patterns in cooperation with colleagues in other organizations. If your head is not up in the clouds, you can choose between another session on agile and one on method tailoring (e.g., QAW and ATAM combined/contrasted with other approaches). On Thursday morning there will be an additional session on cloud and web architectures featuring a reusable Web design space as well as an ATAM-based NoSQL evaluation. This session will close with the introduction of a novel architectural style at Raytheon: Service-Oriented Front-End Architecture (SOFEA).

Alternatively, you can learn about risk- and cost-driven decision making. This pragmatic method, rooted in years of consulting practice, is also featured in a SATURN 2013 tutorial. The first afternoon session has a lot to offer too: one session covers architectural aspects of mobile computing such as context awareness. A parallel session features presentations on experience with novel methods elements, e.g., experience with ATAM and other evaluation techniques. The third session on governance and education has a report on a large-scale software-development improvement program.

Whether you are a front-end or back-end architect, a cloud aficionado, a method exponent, or a technical program manager coordinating development and education efforts, you have the chance to learn a lot at the SATURN 2013 presentations-and get in touch with your peers. Registration is still open, and lightning talks and other forms of active participations are still possible. Feel free to contact us at with a proposal! Looking forward to meeting you in Minneapolis, Olaf Zimmermann and Heiko Koziolek SATURN 2013 program chairs

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