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Discounted SEI Courses Offered at SATURN 2013

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Attendees at SATURN 2013 will have the opportunity to take two popular two-day SEI training courses, Software Architecture Design and Analysis and Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture, at $500 off the regular course-registration fee. These two-day courses are offered on April 29 and 30, 2013.

Software Architecture Design and Analysis (SADA) will be of particular interest to attendees who are working toward earning the SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate. More than 1,800 professionals from more than 900 organizations have earned this certificate to date. The certificate comprises a four-course sequence, and because of the hands-on nature of the course, SADA is the only course of the four that must be taken in a classroom setting--the other three are now all available in an eLearning format from the SEI website. Taking SADA at SATURN and the other three courses in eLearning format therefore provides the most inexpensive option possible for earning the certificate.

Advanced Topics in Service-Oriented Architecture is one of three required courses for earning the SOA Architect Professional Certificate. "Once an organization has made a decision to adopt service orientation as part of its IT strategy," says Grace Lewis of the SEI, one of the course instructors and developers, "there are key technical decisions that need to be made in terms of architecture and design, governance, security, and assurance of software systems that will be migrated to this environment, or new systems that will be developed to take advantage of service orientation. This course provides technology-agnostic guidance for making these key technical decisions." For more information on these software architecture certificates, please visit the SEI Professional Certificates in Architecture website. To register for SATURN and these discounted courses, visit the SATURN 2013 software architecture conference website.

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