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SEI to Host 15th Software Engineering Educators Workshop

SEI to Host 15th Software Engineering Educators Workshop
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March 19, 2018—The 15th SEI Software Engineering Educators Workshop will be held at the Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 31 to August 2, 2018. The workshop fosters an exchange of ideas among accredited, college-level educators whose curricula include subjects spanning the range of topics in the field of software engineering.

This year’s facilitators and instructors are the SEI’s Grace Lewis, Robert Nord, and Hasan Yasar. Lewis is the lead for the SEI’s Tactical Technologies Group initiative and the principal investigator for the High-Assurance Software-Defined IoT Security project. Her main interests are edge computing, IoT security, and software architecture for service-based and cloud-based systems. Nord conducts research on software architecture, agile at scale, and technical debt. He is a coauthor of the books Applied Software Architecture and Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond. Yasar is technical manager of the SEI CERT Division’s Secure Lifecycle Solutions group, which focuses on software development processes and methodologies. The group focuses on DevOps and development and researches advanced image analysis, cloud technologies, and big data problems.

The first two days of the workshop will feature the “DevOps in Practice Workshop,” led by Yasar, and the course “Managing Technical Debt of Software,” taught by Nord. More information about these courses is available at

On the third day, participants will present their experiences, ideas, and tangible artifacts for introducing software engineering topics into the college curriculum. Facilitators will lead the session.

“We always find one or two emerging topics that we know instructors are interested in teaching their students because they are areas that the job market is asking for,” said Lewis. “DevOps and technical debt are two current hot topics in industry and government, and we thought they would be ideal to teach and discuss in this year’s workshop.”

Past participants have been enthusiastic in their praise for the workshop. “The community of minds represented at the workshop provides a diverse and fascinating set of perspectives on how to teach software engineering,”said 2017 participant Mark C. Paulk of the University of Texas. Fellow 2017 participant Isaac Griffith of Montana State University also enjoyed the breadth of topics discussed. “I found several of our colleagues’ approaches to incorporate projects with industry knowledge thought provoking,” he said.

To learn more and to register for the workshop, visit There is no charge for the workshop, but attendees are responsible for travel and hotel costs.