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SEI Makes Smart Grid Maturity Model Freely Available

SEI Makes Smart Grid Maturity Model Freely Available

October 11, 2018—The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has transitioned the Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) to a Creative Commons Attribution licensing agreement. This change effectively transitions SGMM to an open-source model. Under the Creative Commons Attribution, users can freely copy, create, and share SGMM materials, including for commercial use, so long as they provide appropriate credit to the SEI, provide a link to the license, and indicate any changes made. In light of this change, the SEI is retiring its SGMM licensing and certification programs.

Created by a coalition of utilities and stewarded by the SEI, the SGMM is a resource for utility industry transformation. The model provides a framework for understanding the current extent of smart grid deployment and capability within an electric utility, a context for establishing strategic objectives and implementation plans in support of grid modernization, and a means to evaluate progress over time toward those objectives. More than 380 utilities are using the model or have taken the survey.

The SGMM product suite includes the following components:

  • The SGMM Model Definition. This document fully details the eight domains and six maturity levels comprising the model. It also includes introductory material to help users understand the purpose and use of the SGMM.
  • Compass Survey. This questionnaire-based assessment tool is designed to collect demographic and performance data and to characterize the status of the responding utility’s smart grid implementation in the context of the SGMM. The data collected provide a maturity level rating for each domain in the model.
  • Navigation Process. This is a defined process to complete the Compass Survey to build a common understanding across the organization of the current state of smart grid implementation and to set future aspirations.

The primary audience for the SGMM is electric utilities and related stakeholders who are interested in modernizing and improving their operations and practices associated with delivery of electricity with a focus on transmission and distribution.

For more general information about SGMM, see the SGMM overview. Or, download the SGMM product suite.