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An MDE-Based Process for the Design, Implementation and Validation of Safety-Critical Systems

Conference Paper
This paper proposes a process based on model-driven engineering to create distributed real-time embedded systems without manual coding using the AADL toolchain.



This conference paper was published by IEEE in the Proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems in March 2010.

Distributed real-time embedded (DRE) systems have critical requirements that must be verified. They are either related to functional (e.g., stability of a furnace controller) or non-functional (e.g., meeting deadlines) aspects. Model-driven engineering (MDE) tools have emerged to ease DRE systems design. These tools are also capable of generating code. However, these tools either focus on the functional aspects or on the runtime architecture. Hence, the development cycle is partitioned into pieces with heterogeneous modeling notations and poor coordination. In this paper, we propose a MDE-based process to create DRE systems without manual coding. We show how to integrate functional and architecture concerns in a unified process. We use industry-proven modeling languages to design functional elements of the system and automatically integrate them using our AADL toolchain.