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The single most important aspect of developing a successful insider threat program (InTP) framework is a clear vision. Therefore, it is imperative that you define your vision in a concept of operations document or charter.

Hi, this is Jason W. Clark, Ph.D, an insider threat researcher with the CERT Insider Threat Center. In this blog post, I will briefly describe and define an InTP framework document.

The news today is buzzing with discussions regarding civil liberties and privacy rights. Insider threat program (InTP) development deals directly with these issues, specifically the protection of employees. It is essential that management to familiarize itself with existing mandates, statutes, laws, and directives that are related to InTP implementation.

Hi, my name is Tracy Cassidy. I am an Insider Threat Researcher at the CERT Insider Threat Center. In this, the 15th of 18 posts in our blog series on establishing an InTP, I'll discuss some issues that are relevant to the protection of employee civil liberties and privacy rights.

An InTP requires two sets of policies, procedures, and practices: one set describing the operation and components of the program and the other set describing insider threat program (InTP) activities.

Hi, I'm Cindy Nesta of the CERT Insider Threat Center. In this 14th installment of the InTP Blog Series, I will provide you with a clear explanation of the policies, procedures, and practices that an InTP requires.