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Upcoming Insider Threat Presentations

CERT Insider Threat Center
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CERT Insider Threat Center

Members of the Insider Threat Center will be giving numerous presentations during the next few months:

  • December 7 -- Webinar for ISSA Web Conference - "Protecting Data at the Source" (Randy Trzeciak)
  • December 8 -- Webinar for Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services - "Risk Mitigations Strategies: Lessons Learned From Actual Insider Attacks" (Randy Trzeciak)
  • January 4 -- Bankers & Brokers Roundtable (Dawn Cappelli)
  • January 25 -- DC3 Conference - "Espionage: A system dynamics model of crimes against our national security" (Adam Cummings and Randy Trzeciak)
  • January 27-28 -- AFCEA West 2011 Conference - "Insider Threat Workshop" (Dawn Cappelli and Michael Hanley)
  • February 15 -- RSA Conference - "Combat IT Sabotage: Technical Solutions from the CERT Insider Threat Lab" (Dawn Cappelli and Joji Montelibano)
  • February 17 -- RSA Conference - "Insider Threat: What's Working to Stop These Attacks?" (Dawn Cappelli)

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